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About Akamori Designs

My name is Akamori. I specialize in visual design and animation. My work is not only my business I've been a full-time freelance artist for the past few years. Creativity is everything.Programs Used
Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Live 2D Cubism.

Previous Clients

These are some of my past clients, their services purchased and where to find them!
Please note prior clients may or may not be active or using purchased assets currently.

I design and add motion to graphics to give your branding an edge within the content creation community.

I animate illustrations, emotes, VTuber models, wallpapers and more to breathe life into your characters.

Check out my catalog of lyric videos and visualizers made for VTubers, Youtaites and other musicans.

Check out my catalog of pre-made designs, emotes, widgets, and other related streaming assets for creators.

Pre-made shop items

For the full list of shop items visit my Etsy
Ko-fi subscribers/member get most of the shop items for free.

Pre-Made Designs
Design/Illustration: Giorgi
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Animation: Akamori
Illustration: Himikyuu
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Design: Akamori
Widget Coding: Dunkston
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Design: Akamori
Widget Coding: Tixyel
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Design/Illustration: Giorgi
VTuber model: Seiyru Higurashi
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Design/Illustration: Akamori
Purchase here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Purchase Here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Purchase Here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Purchase Here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Purchase Here

Pre-Made Designs
Designer: Akamori
Alerts Coding: Karmic
Purchase Here

VTuber DEBUT Lore PV'S

Featured Client: Seiryu Higurashi
Designer: Akamori

Featured Client: Kira/Pepper
Designer: Akamori

Featured Client: Luna Valkyria
Designer: Akamori
Illustration: OkamiNoAlice

Featured Client: PrettyRose
Design/Illustration: Akamori
Widget Coding: Karmic

Featured Client: Riza
Designer: Akamori

Featured Client: Avispa Nectarinia
Design/Illustration: Akamori

Featured Client: Vivi
Design/Live 2D Illustration: Akamori
Live 2D Rigging: Cha0s

Featured Client: Kit
Designer: Akamori
Widget Coding: Karmic

Featured Client: Arc 7 Media
Designer: Akamori

Featured Client: Nebula
Designer: Akamori

Client/Designer: Akamori
Widget Coding: TheKillGFX

Featured Client: Chouka
Designer: Akamori
Illustration: 18Ar0

Animation: Akamori
Designer/Client: Heikamura

VTuber DEBUT Lore PV'S

Featured Client: Akamori
Illustration: Eichi
Animation: KJOEE88
Editor: Akamori

Featured Client: Riza
Illustration: hieracxs
Editor: Akamori
Music: Enokido
Voice: みこのおすし

Featured Client: Seelie
Illustration: Seelie
Editor: Akamori

Music videos

Featured Client: Zenith
Video: Akamori

Live2d / Animation - Services

Animated Loops

Featured Client: Ryuuji
Illustration: Hyde
Animation: Akamori
Music: Fable - Albion Theme
Programs used: Photoshop | After Effects | Live2D Cubism

Rem of Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World
Illustrator: 長井りく
Animation: Akamori
Programs used: Photoshop | After Effects | Live2D Cubism

Featured Client: Aylin
Illustration: AnandaName
Animation: Akamori
Music: Counterparts
Programs used: Photoshop | After Effects | Live2D Cubism

Animated Emotes

Illustration: Himikyuu
Animation: Akamori

Timelapse of the work process for an emote
Illustration: Himikyuu
Animation: Akamori

Animated Loops/Emotes - key details

PROVIDING ARTWORK• I do not animate anything frame by frame.• I use either Live2D, After Effects or a blend of both for animation and effects.• File formats I work from include:
• I only ever draw to fix layering issues or to properly cut art into layers. I cannot add illustrative details to the sent artwork.
(I can't add clothing, a scenic background, etc. I will only use the image provided.)
PRE-LAYERED / LIVE2D ARTWORKPre-layered artwork (including Live 2D illustration) is not required.
However providing pre-layered and cut illustrations from your artist provides immense benefits:
• Price Discount.
• Up to 50-70% faster deliveries.• More authentic animations.I reserve the right to make small changes to the overall layering of the artwork and the ability to add things that would improve the overall animation quality. These changes will never drastically change the design or style of the artwork and are only for better functionality of the animation.ARTIST'S CONSENTBefore hiring me, you need to make sure that you have the original artist's consent and you have the right licensing/rights to the illustration for animation. There is no reliable way for me to check with every artist for permission.As the client you will:• talk to your artist directly and ask for their consent.• take full responsibility, if you did not ask for consent and the original artist speaks out against this commission.DELIVERY FORMATS• Animated Emotes:112px GIF for Twitch (Twitch automatically resizes for other devices)
GIF for Discord (less than 256kb)
• Animated IllustrationsGIF/MP4 files in original resolution (unless requested otherwise)REVISIONSOnce the animation is finished I can do small changes such as rig adjustments, speed of animation, adding tiny details I may have forgotten among other things.
In special cases, I can re-animate the given piece once for free, depending on the complexity and reason of the changes.
I won't completely re-animate commissions multiple times however, unless payment is sent for a second order.
The responsibility is on you to ensure your order contains the
details you want me to follow.
COPYRIGHTI own the animation.By commissioning me you're purchasing my services as an animator only.
I retain all copyrights over my work, which include but aren't limited
to the right to:
• redistribute, reproduce or use it as a sample for self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.• reserve the right to use rejected animation concepts for any future projects, be it personal or otherwise.Please read my full TOS for info on payment, licensing etc.

Terms of Service & Workflow

General Terms

PAYMENT & FEESI currently receive payments through VGen Payments or Direct Invoicing (Email - by Credit Card). The currency I invoice under is CAD.• Rushed orders and Deadline orders have to be paid in full upfront.• Any order under $200 has to be paid in full upfront.• All orders equal or greater than $200 has an option to send a 50% down payment to reserve the order, and the balance upon completion. Can also be paid in full upfront.• Non-disclosure agreement will incur a 50% fee (progress and final product will only be shared to the client)• Regular wait time is free of charge.• Rush delivery will incur a 50% fee. Your order will be put at the top of the queue.

REVISIONSI offer limited revisions after each work in progress sent. If I have to start from scratch on a complete or near complete piece I charge 50% of the original piece's commission value. Any errors on my end such as grammar, missed requirements or other mistake on my end are free.

REFUNDSRefunds will only be issued prior to any work being started. If your commission has been started and you wish to cancel it for any reason, you will receive a 50% refund. A commission that has been started and is cancelled by me will receive a full refund, excluding fees. Please let me know ASAP if you need to cancel a commission as it will impact my wait time and income.

LICENSES (PERSONAL & COMMERCIAL)All orders are delivered by default with a Personal License. You may purchase a commercial license later if you require the product for commercial use. Please do not alter my work in anyway unless agreed upon upfront.Unless otherwise agreed upon before the commission starts (ie, an NDA) I reserve the right to post your order or any works in progress in my portfolio and on my social medias, and stream the process on Twitch or Discord. There will always be either a link to your channel or you will be tagged in any post related to your order. Commissions will usually be posted shortly after files are delivered.I disclaim any responsibility for copyright issues. Everything I will choose to use in your designs is 100% free for personal and commercial use. If you send me files and you want me to use them, I will assume you are informed of your own rights about the content you've provided me with.

PERSONAL LICENSEBy default orders come with a Personal License.A Personal License allows you to:• Use the assets for social media posts, blogs, websites and for your own viewing pleasure.A Personal License does not allow you to:• Use the design for any Commercial Purposes. Personal use does not allow such things as: prints, merch, or any form of monetization.• Edit/alter the work or send it to another artist to edit/alter without written permission.COMMERCIAL LICENSEIf your commission involves prints, merch, ad placement, promotional use, or forms of monetization not not mentioned (including YouTube uploads depending on the invoiced service), you will have to purchase a Commercial License for the item in question.A Commercial License doesn't allow you to edit or alter the designs.A commercial license will add a +100% fee to the design.

All work should be credited to me where applicable i.e. your YouTube description, twitch bio etc.


PROCEDURE• Read and agree to my terms and conditions.• Review my pricing.• Submit a commission form via the pricing page or contact me directly via Twitter or Discord.• Send all project details, references, project assets, deadline etc. Be as detailed and as organized as possible please. Avoid vague, messy requests. Consultation and project management is available for a fee.• You'll receive an invoice via PayPal and commit to payment agreement.• Work will be started as per my current queue/schedule and you will receive project updates when available. This also covers the revision process if applicable.• Finish product will be delivered.DELIVERYOrder completion time varies by commission type. Orders have no set completion time unless a deadline is discussed upfront and agreed upon. It is up to you (the client) to request a deadline before any project is accepted and worked on. Imposed, unmentioned deadlines mid project may result in a project cancellation. I work two extra jobs on the side + have other clients so please be considerate.Tips are always welcomed if I did a good job.
Thank you!

GENERAL COMMISSION FORM //// VTuber rigging available by contact only



Live 2D & AnimationBase Price*
Animated Emotes$20 CAD (PER) (+$20 CAD for layer separation/cutting.)
Animated LoopsAll Individual Part Pricing Below:

- Moving Hair: $20-40- Blinking: $20 (Eye Physics +$20)- Body Movement: $25- Mouth Music/Lip Sync: Coming Soon- Expression/Clothing Differences: $10 per variation
Special FX (Particles, glitch glow fire etc): $40
- Layer Separation (Double the price per part)
* To avoid layer separation/cutting fees, have your artist separate the art layers ahead of time


Graphic Design Services Base Price*
Twitch Panels$20 CAD (Per) or 5 for $80 CAD*
Social Media Banners$35 CAD (+10 CAD for variants [resizing/rearranging previous design])
Stream Schedules$80 CAD
Vtuber Reference Sheets (with art you already possess)$80 CAD
CSS and CodingBase Price*
CSS and Coding (Stream widgets, alerts, custom chats and more)Tentative slots (Please contact for pricing - completion times varies)
Miscellaneous ServicesBase Price*
Consultation/Brainstorming Session (Quotes are free)$20 CAD (Per HR)
OBS Support/Exports$20 CAD

High quality cheaper pre-made products at my etsy shop

Motion and video

MVs, Video Editing & Motion GraphicsBase Price*
Transition (.webm file for streaming only)$40 CAD (+20 for sound, +40 for track matte, +20 for .Mov)
Basic Music Video$100+ CAD (Base; complexity dependent)
Simple Music Video$155+ CAD
Complex Music Video$200+ CAD
VTuber Lore Video$155+ CAD (Base; complexity dependent)
Basic Stream Overlay or Screen$45 CAD
Animated Stream Overlay or Screen$80+ CAD


Prices are subject to change.

Any pricing displaying '+' next to the cost is a base pricing. Price varies on complexity, license, and other factors.
All further payment info, licensing inquires, commercial usage, discounts, fees, refund info, expected turnaround time, and other relative order information is provided on my Terms of Services page


You may either message me on Twitter/Discord if you have inquiries and questions.Twitter: @shyAkamori
Discord: Akamori#5810
Discord Server:
For large commercial projects please email me: [email protected]

© Akamori Designs. All rights reserved.

Live2d Model Rigging

Featured Client: Mai
Live2D Illustration: Mai
Live2D Rigging: Akamori

VTuber Model Rigging

FeaturesFull Body Rig | Simple RiggingFull Body Rig | Ultimate Rigging
Price (CAD)$220$400
Head MovementXYXXYZ
Body MovementMinimal XYZXYZ
Arm MovementMinimalYes
Hip MovementNoYes
Eye PhysicsAdd-OnYes
Tongue OutAdd-OnYes
Cheek PuffAdd-OnYes
Expressions/Toggeles2 Included4 Included

Extra COsts & Add-ons

Model Updating (After a 6 month period has passed your model is eligible for an updated version. This is good one time only and until 2024)"$150+
Design Complexity$0-200
Additional Expressions/Toggles$25+ Each
Add-Ons* (See below for explanation)$25 Each
Animations/Animated Expressions$40+ Each
Idle Animations$40-150 Each
Eye Physics$60
Tongue Out$60
Cheek Puff$20
Alternate Outfits**$160+ Each
Alternate Hairstyles**$80+ Each
Mascots & CompanionsDepends on Complexity/Features
Posed Models+30-60% of the base price depending on the pose
Agency/Corporate FeesProject Dependent

*Add-ons can include features such as Animal Ears, Tails, Extra Hands, and other accessories.

**More detailed Hair/Outfits may cost extra depending on complexity.

Please note that additional Outfits need to be scheduled separately from the initial commission.

Booking Fee
Simple Full Body Rig - 60% of the base price is made upon booking to be added to the waitlist.
Ultimate Rig - 35% of the final price is made upon booking to be added to the waitlist.Rush Delivery - If the request is urgent there will be an additional fee (50% of the total price).


I will request a PNG of your model along with a list of features that you might want to add and give you a quota/final price. I will also give you a date on which I can start working on your order.
After the down payment* has been made, you will be added to the waiting list. * The down payment is either:
a) Simple Full Body Rig - 60% of the base priceorb) Ultimate Rig - 35% of the final pricePlease make sure you are ready before reserving a slot. It will also be deducted form the final price. This is to prevent cancellations from happening and delaying the queue..PSD SUBMISSION
After booking, you may send me a PSD file of your model so that I can go through it and let you/the artist know if there are any changes that need to be made in order for the animating to go smoothly.
I will send you an invoice through PayPal with the final price of the model. If you'd like to add more features to your model later on, I will send additional invoices. Work will begin after the first payment has been made.
While I work on your model, you will be updated periodically through screen-sharing on Discord, recordings and pictures.
I may update you more frequently depending on your preferences and schedule.
Upon completion, I will send you the model to test out. You can request changes if you see any mistakes from my part.
A final runtime file of the completed model will be sent to you with all the necessary files.
Further changes or updates on the model after its completion can be done for a fee.